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How to get cash for your business. Identifying and engaging with various types of investors and capital sources

As you are contemplating your next venture or just trying to grow your existing company, join us at the next Bomond Rendezvous for a conversation with venture capitalists, angel investors and bankers, who can help you get capital for your enterprise. A panel discussion will provide a deeper perspective on how to distinguish between types of investors, different kinds of capital, and what you need to do to get that capital.



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Sal Burd
Partner and Certified Business Transition Expert™ at B2B CFO®


Sal brings 28 years of experience in accounting, risk and treasury management, strategy development and implementation in many industries. His extensive knowledge and operating experience position him to quickly assess the needs of a business, develop a plan of action and implement required improvements. Sal's work ethic combined with strong mentoring and hands off managerial style, allows client's personnel to quickly capture the essence of the knowledge required to propel the organization to the next levels.

After obtaining his accounting degree from University of Illinois, Sal started his professional career in public accounting, servicing audit and tax clients of the firm in manufacturing, service, financial and real estate industries. After moving into industry, Sal filled Controller and Treasurers roles, worked as a CFO for both private and publicly held companies in heavy industrial machinery, medical device manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, high-tech engineering and electronics recycling companies. He was involved in numerous acquisitions and startups, lead public company through bankruptcy restructuring and venture funding. In his latest position as a Director of International Operations, Sal has mentored and developed employees, worked global ERP design and implementation, managed an international subsidiary, reduced corporate risk exposure and structured tax strategies for a multinational organization.

Sal is Certified Public Accountant, registered in Illinois, and a member of both American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and an Illinois CPA Society. He earned his MBA in Finance, Management and Organizational Behavior from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Sal and his wife of 30 years, Elizabeth, live the in the northern suburbs of Chicago. He is an avid reader, loves sports, exercise and golf.


David A. Culver
Chief Collaboration Instigator & Co-Founder of VentureSHOT

David is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, who has launched, co-founded and invested in several fast growth companies and has ownership interest in several companies across several industries.

David is the Co-Founder & Chief Collaboration Instigator of VentureSHOT - Chicago’s Revenue Focused, Business Incubator & Strategic Growth Program. The mission of VentureSHOT is to support entrepreneurs to grow their revenues, scale their businesses and get funded. The VentureSHOT vision is growing sustainable and profitable businesses that entrepreneurs love to build and improving the entrepreneurial ecosystem in America.

VentureSHOT also hosts a powerful series of events including the Funding Feeding Frenzy, Makers & Manufacturers event and Food, Fun & Fashion events. These awesome event series bring together Entrepreneurs and the Angel Investor, VC, Private Equity and High Net Worth communities and all the resources an entrepreneur needs to be more successful.

David is also the Co-Founder and CMO of, an e-commerce outdoor gear and apparel manufacturing company that is revolutionizing the way major outdoor sporting races and events are getting their gear and apparel needs met. The brands and are two of the fastest growing sites in the Outdoor Gear and Apparel industry.

Paul Stepankovskiy
Senior Vice President, Wealth Management and Senior Portfolio Manager at UBS Financial Services for the FKS Wealth Management Group

Paul is one of the founders and principals of FKS Wealth Management Group, which works exclusively with successful families, business owners, young professionals and their advisors. Paul began his career as a Financial Advisor in 1997 after successfully selling his Corporate Catering business. He holds bachelor's degree in economics from University of Illinois, in Chicago and MBA in finance from DeVry University Keller Graduate School of Management. He completed his Certified Financial Planner certification at Northwestern University after submitting to the rigorous CFP certification process that includes a demanding education, examination, experience and ethical requirements.


Graham C. Peck
An angel and venture capital investor, entrepreneur and operator

Graham is a member of the 3rd generation of a 4-generation family office and operating business that does close tolerance sheet metal component manufacturing for the turbine engine industry with over 70 years of operational history and approximately 450 employees. Graham has founded or co-founded four small businesses. He created his family's angel/venture alternative investing arm and serves on the investment committee. They have made 18 investments directly into 10 portfolio companies, including 1 successful exit as well as 9 real estate investment opportunities. He also lead their investing into four venture capital funds and sits on the investment committee of two of them that will deploy $60MM of capital into technology companies. Graham is the founding partner of a rollup group, which is actively pursuing acquisitions of several custom software technology development services companies. He participates actively in three angel networks and is a double major graduate of Franklin University in Business Administration and Marketing. He enjoys traveling domestically and internationally for both business and leisure.  


Alex Golod
Angel investor, advisor and mentor

Results driven IT Executive, Angel Investor, and a Global Technology Sourcing Expert with over 20 years in Technology field, Alex brings a strong technical and entrepreneurial lens to business via his extensive experience in corporate (Motorola, GGP) and private business (Intetics, Waverley Software) executive roles. Alex served on the board of European Advisory Board of International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) while participating in multiple speaking engagements across North American Chapters of IAOP. He is a seasoned speaker on topics of Outsourcing and Investing, having shared his experience and guidance at multiple engagements: Outsource People 2017 and 2016 in Poland and Ukraine, AP Outsourcing Summit in Singapore, and multiple other conferences across the globe. Alex has been featured in several publications such as Enterprise Services Outlook, IEEE Computer Magazine, CruxialCIO and more. Currently Alex is an active investor at VentureShot focusing on growth and development of multiple high potential startups in US. Alex serves as an advisor, mentor, and an angel investor for multiple US and global technology centric startups.

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